Necrons: Hexmark Destroyer 49-27

Necrons: Hexmark Destroyer 49-27

An Elites choice available to the Necrons

Armed with six enmitic disintegrator pistols!

A close-range fire support unit

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Hexmark Destroyers were once Deathmarks. Bursting from their dimensional oubliettes like ambush predators, these hunchbacked monsters unleash inescapable hails of enmitic fire. Independent ocular targeting and optimised firing patterns leave their prey with no escape.

All but unrivalled in close-range firepower, each Hexmark Destroyer is like a mobile gun battery, able to blast its way through hordes of enemy infantry with impunity. If you’re looking to support your advance or shore up a flank with some formidable fire support, a Hexmark Destroyer will serve you well.

This kit builds a single Hexmark Destroyer, armed with six enmitic disintegrator pistols, and comes with a choice of two heads. The kit is supplied in 19 plastic components and one Citadel 50mm Round Base.


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