Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel

REALISTIC RACING WHEEL UNDER OFFICIAL LICENSES BY FERRARI AND MICROSOFT XBOX ONE: – Replica of the FERRARI 458 SPIDER steering wheel – Wide and adjustable optimised pedal set

Works on Xbox Series X|S

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Works on Xbox Series X|S

Wheel base featuring the ‘Bungee Cord’ mechanism, offering linear resistance (automatic centering system patented by Thrustmaster)

  • Optimized ‘Bungee Cord’ mechanism: delivers linear resistance, regardless of the rotation angle, ensuring ergonomic and intuitive control
  • Automatic centering
  • 240 degree rotation angle

Kinect detection LED

  • Built-in controller pairing detection LED  for  Kinect

Adjustable wheel sensitivity

  • Adjustable wheel sensitivity (4 included presets) ensuring more precise driving in all games

Wide adjustable pedal set

  • 2 pedals with wide footrest
  • Brake pedal offering progressive resistance
  • Individually adjustable pedals

7/10 replica of the FERRARI 458 SPIDER racing wheel

  • Realistic: 28 cm diameter racing wheel featuring a rubber-textured grip
  • 2 Up & Down metal paddle shifters

    • 100% metal
    • Pour un pilotage style Ferrari GT
  • Comprehensive driving gear
    • 9 replica action buttons (including View and Menu buttons)
    •   1 Manettino® (2 positions)
    •   1 ENGINE START D-Pad
    •   1 Xbox Guide button
  • 2 red rubber-textured grips, inspired by motor sports ensuring excellent ergonomics and optimum comfort

Central clamping system

  • Ensures optimum stability on all desks or tables

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